Capital City Symphony Orchestra members, please use the form below to vote for your Orchestra Representatives to the Board of Directors, who will serve as liaisons and represent and promote the interests of orchestra members to the board and staff over the next year. Any active orchestra member (who has played in a Capital City Symphony concert in the past 12 months) may vote for up to two candidates. Two candidates have been nominated. There is also a blank space where you can write in one or two candidates.

The election will be open until midnight December 21, 2016.


Liz Hartman

Candidate statement: "I served on the Board for the past year with Stephen, who had already been on the board for a bit. Because I found it helpful to serve alongside another Orchestra Rep who had experience on the board, I would personally like to continue this tradition by serving another year alongside a new Orchestra Rep, in hopes that the new Orchestra Rep would stay on for a subsequent year and do the same for a new representative in the future.

I have been a cellist in Capital City Symphony for about 6 years. In addition to regular season concerts, Intersections, and holiday concerts, I've also attended all of the fundraising happy hours, tabled at the H St Festival, helped organize chamber music at Eastern Market to promote our concerts, and played an Atlas cafe concert with "All the Cellos" which is essentially the cello section of CCS. If you recall the happy hour on the roofdeck at Biergarten Haus after our concert last May, I also organized that (we raised about $500) and am looking to do more events like it in the future. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Board, and also let me know if you want to get involved, whether that's through serving on the Board or volunteering in other ways."

Jefferson Cole

Candidate Statement: "I have been performing with the symphony since the second half of the 2007/2008 season and have seen the orchestra grow in membership and ambition offer the past 8 years. I have made many lasting  friendships in this group, and it would be an honor to serve on the board. 

In addition to performing with CCS, I have also served as a volunteer music teacher at Sitar Arts Center in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, DC since 2008. I am an economist by trade and am eager to help out with any financial aspects of the orchestra, including fundraising efforts and seeking grant opportunities. One of my primary goals as a board member would be to explore how CCS could foster stronger ties with DC communities, as well as partnerships with other local arts organizations. 

I appreciate your consideration, and look forward to hearing back regarding your decision."